A chantar m'er ENG

A chantar m'er

The spicy loveletters of a Countess and her troubadour

12th century Beatriz, Countess of Dia and spouse of Guillaume de Poitiers, maintained a pretty hot and stormy liaison with Raimbaut d'Orange, first-class womanizer and much acclaimed troubadour. Both lovers wrote breathtaking letters, cansos  and sirventés.  Il Nostromo del Sogno takes you to the very heart of Occitan lovelyrics, questing for lost melodies...and perpetual emotions.

PROGRAMME (70 minutes)

Occitan troubadour- and trobairitzsongs by Raimbaut d'Orange en Beatriz, Comtessa de Dia

conterfacts, letters en handmade melodies

Il Nostromo del Sogno provides surtitled translations for all productions.


Mady Bonert & Steven Marien, singing  and declamation

Katelijne Lanneau, recorders

Ellen Schafraet, gotic harp

Marie Verstraete, fiddle


Saturday, June 2, 2018, Edegem (B)

production  commissioned by

Marc Michaël De Smet

for Midzomerklanken, 2017