Abundance ENG

Abundance de felonnie

Adulterous songs of courtly love

Il Nostromo del Sogno explores, at least in a musical sense, the vast emotional canvas of extramarital love, an utmost typical theme in mediaeval courtly literature. Whereas several 13th century chansons de toiles and pastourelles poke fun at Maid Yolanzes  and Brave Knight Robin's faith, Guillaume de Machaut honours his Lady with spendid poetry. Marie de France 's  Laüstic   or Nightingale  is a sad testimony of family mobbing,  and Richard de Fournival  wonders how to choose between two ladies. In a moving ballade, giving its title to this concert, Jehannot de Lescurel complains about his disloyal and felonnious lover.

PROGRAMME (70 minutes)

chansons by Marie de France, Richard de Fournival, Adam de la Halle, Thibaut de Champagne, Jean de Lescurel and Guillaume de Machaut.

Il Nostromo del Sogno provides live supra-titling in Dutch, French, German, English and Italian for all its programmes.