Ellen Schafraet, harp


Ellen Schafraet studied the harp with Arielle Valibouse at the Ghent Conservatory, where she obtained her Master's Degree summa cum laude. She enlargened her field of interest to the historically informed performance praxis, focusing more and more on early harps.

In between, Ellen became a sought-after baroque harp player, presenting prestigious productions at the Flanders Opera, the Flanders Festival, Fernando Miguel Jalôto's Portuguese Ludovice Ensemble en Wim Becu's Oltremontano. With the latter, she recorded the acclaimed cd  Trombone Grande.    Ellen is a member of the Belgian mediaeval music ensemble Il Nostromo del Sogno. 


Ellen teaches the harp, music history and chamber music at the music academies of Bornem and Kalmthout.