Il Nostromo del Sogno

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Scoone dames, nooble heeren,

comt ende aenhoirt al myn rondeel,

waerinne ic ghaerne wil vereeren

scoone dames, nooble heeren.

Opdat myn lied u thansch besweere

vraech ic u nu seer formeel:

scoone dames, nooble heeren,

comt ende aenhoirt al myn rondeel.


makes and performs musical tales from the Middle Ages.   

The ensemble walks the line between concerts and musical theatre and provides surtitled translations for all productions.


Il Nostromo del Sogno means 'the dream's boatsman'. This name is an allusion on the medieval literary custom of a storyteller to doze off, without truly sleeping though; he then penetraites a 'dorveille', beteen both banks of waking and dreaming, where everything is true...and untrue.

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